• Disha Hirani

a-list ideas tried and tested content bucket ideas

Content buckets are different topics that speak to different aspects of your business and demographics.

Talking about social media here, your audience needs to be kept interested by providing them different kinds of content about the same topic across all platforms to keep the engagement rate soaring high. It can be stressful as you read but it really doesn't have to be, just needs to be planned well and much prior.

Content is king. To ace it on social media, be patient, pre-plan, dig deeper into the topic, empathize and be creative.

1. Trending Topics and Holidays

You can now easily download social media calendar from various resources, we follow Social Samosa because it's really apt and has all the important days mentioned.

2. Giveaways and Promotions

People love 'free' stuff, give your audience a piece of meat to stick around as gratitude for their loyalty from time to time. Plan it smartly, collaborate, run ads, plan ahead to see where can you get more and more audience from.

3. Care about the end consumer

Don't just showcase your products, build a community. Show people a few tips and tricks, quizzes, something they can engage with (varies from business to business)

4. Think Proactive and Reactive

Think proactive and reactive content. Proactive being things you can plan for, and reactive, trending events and breaking news that pops up suddenly. Leave room in your editorial calendar to add reactive content, but make sure you plan out all the proactive posts and blogs you can.

5. Ask your audience

Whenever you feel a creative block, ask your audience what they want to see next. Plan and elaborate on the same topics, it always works.

6. Create different versions of the same stories

There are 101 ways to display/write your content, make sure you reach your audience in a direct and simple way. If a post had done really well earlier, follow up on it. Brush up your knowledge and show your audience what they'd like to see and dig deeper to show it in multiple ways.

7. Cross-Promote

We live in a world where competition is so last season, it's all about collaboration. Tag, follow, indulge with respective people and pages from your field and get their followers to indulge with your content, it always works for building a brand.

8. Power to testimonials -

Every now and then you need to keep reminding your audience of who you are and what you do and why you're the best at it. No other way than testimonials to build that trust. Get people/pages to talk about you or simply just post real testimonials, it's the word-out mouth publicity of the digital era.

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